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Good ol’ Boys Club (top definition)
Male discrimination against females. Men who refuse to speak to, deal with, or work with women… — Urban Dictionary 2011

The 2019 Canadian Federal Election was held on October 21, 2019, to elect members of the House of Commons to the 43rd Canadian Parliament. During the election season, Facebook ads had been adapted by all candidate parties as a campaigning platform. All the ads are accessible through Facebok Ads Library.

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When a brand name is used as a verb, you know that brand has become ubiquitous in our lives. For many years now, “Googling” has become the primary way to retrieve information for many of us who lives in this highly digitalized society; and these search results we consume are shaping our world views. This blog post attempts to tell you how Google shapes our world views in problematic ways.

Problem 1. Perpetuating Racial and Gender Bias

The author of Algorithms of Oppression, Safiya Noble (2018), spent six years studying Google’s search algorithm and demonstrates that Google search results can reinforce and perpetuate gender and racial bias…

Massive Hidden Labour

Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial #BeforeAlexa was streamed to millions of viewers. In this 90-second ad, Alexa was portrayed as several obsolete roles in different historical scenarios — a maid that lowered room temperature by breaking a window of her master’s house; a joker that told a joke by deprecating himself to amuse the queen; a secretary received the command to “delete the tapes” for a President Nixon character. The commercial paints a picture that Alexa is now all in one our new maid, new joker and new secretary (the implied power relation is another topic). From the eyes of consumers…

A few weeks ago, I’ve received two have-I-been-pwned notifications in just one week. This means that my personal data (my email and password) have been leaked twice through two data breach incidents. Now, I have been “pwned” eight times in total through various data breach incidents. I got curious about how many data breaches actually happened. A list of data breaches from the year 2004 is put together through collective efforts on Wikipedia. As I scrolled down and down through the exhausted list, I wandered what sorts of insights I can possibly make out of this table. This simple table…

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In 2018, two bills were set out to end territorial ratings — often referred to as “postal code discrimination” — in the automobile industry. Bill 44, titled Ending Automobile Insurance Discrimination in the Greater Toronto Area Act was struck down in the Ontario legislature on November 1st, 2018. Bill 42, Ending Discrimination in Automobile Insurance Act, remains alive. It passed second reading last March and is currently referred to the Standing Committee. …

Imma, a CGI human and a virtual influencer that does not exist. Source: Bloomberg Business Week/Aww

The Rise of 6G

In the 2030s, the world has entered a new paradigm of wireless communication. The sixth generation (6G) of mobile communication is widespread globally and offers data speeds that are 100 times faster than 4G LTE networks and five times faster than 5G networks (Alsharif et al., 2020). The mobile ultra-broadband of 6G has achieved terabits-per-second wireless transmissions and fuels the development of applications whose bandwidth requirements were not met by 5G such as holography and mixed reality (Zhang et al., 2019). Super Internet-of-Things (Super IoT) comes along with 6G and provides hyper-connected experiences to every corner of consumers’ life (ibid)…

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On October 6, 2020, the The House Antitrust Report on Big Tech led by staffers for the House Judiciary Committee’s in the United States is released, with a conclusion that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google’s anti-competitive stance has “hindered innovation, reduced consumer choice and weakened democracy.” (Fung, CNN Buisness, 2020) In other words, the monopoly status of the tech giants has impacted the society negatively. As a consumer, it is not obvious to see the negative impact on a personal or individual level. One might even welcome the penetration of their lives by the Big Tech. …


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